Good things to come…

You may have read “Our Story” before and know how we got our start in Scentsy.  Quite simply it was just a hobby turned profession after we witnessed first-hand the limitless potential a career with Scentsy had to offer.

And you may have read my last Blog post in July, after we returned from Scentsy Family Reunion in Nashville.  It talked about my complete change in attitude, my new found dedication to my biz,  and my commitment to trying harder for my marriage and for my team.

comittmentThis journey has been long, sometimes stagnant, and has exposed raw truth’s about myself that I have ignored my whole life.  But, it’s also created a stronger partnership in my marriage and given me personal development that no “office job” could EVER  have given me.


Through the ups and downs, this business has changed us for the better.  We know that in 4 years we have not achieved anywhere close to what we can.  We still have a LONG road ahead of us before we can be among the elite that I like to call “Scentsy Celebrities”.  But what’s cool is that by finally being brave and reaching out to utilize these “celebrities” some are becoming friends and the greatest circle for me to surround myself with on this journey.

In 2 months I have been reborn.  On the verge of quitting in July, I have turned myself completely around and am finally implementing the ideas I have sat on for years.  I have finally opened myself up to WANT to learn more.  To want to try more.  And more importantly to want to share it all with our team.

Direct Sales, is usually deemed a joke, or “not a real job”.  I am forever defending my career choice to family and friends who simply don’t know enough about it to be able to do anything but doubt it.  women_in_direct_sales

Trust me.  What we do is REAL work.  It’s hard work.  And, yes, sometimes the rewards are minimal.  But one day the reward will be consistently abundant…so don’t worry too much about us 🙂

There are BIG things on the horizon for us and BIG things for our brand!  So get ready Smarter Scents fans!  We are un-stoppable.



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