Scentsy’s Bring Back My Bar 2017 – Vote Now!

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Bring Back My Bar voting has begun! Now’s your chance to make your voice heard and vote for the retired Scentsy fragrances YOU believe in!

Voting will be open until October 15th. Cast as many ballots as you like!  This time, we’re mixing it up a bit: We’ll bring back the top 10 fragrances from 2004-2011 and the top 10 fragrances from 2012-2016! The winners will be available for purchase beginning January 1, 2017.

vote, scentsy, sensi, smarter scents. Randy Gunn, Kelly Gunn, BBMB, Bring back my bar, home fragrance, fragrance

After you vote, be sure to browse our website and shop delightful Harvest and Holiday fragrances and all the décor you need for your seasonal shindigs. We’ve got you covered, from pumpkin and spice to wintry pine — and everything in between.


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