Good things to come…

You may have read “Our Story” before and know how we got our start in Scentsy.  Quite simply it was just a hobby turned profession after we witnessed first-hand the limitless potential a career with Scentsy had to offer.

And you may have read my last Blog post in July, after we returned from Scentsy Family Reunion in Nashville.  It talked about my complete change in attitude, my new found dedication to my biz,  and my commitment to trying harder for my marriage and for my team.

comittmentThis journey has been long, sometimes stagnant, and has exposed raw truth’s about myself that I have ignored my whole life.  But, it’s also created a stronger partnership in my marriage and given me personal development that no “office job” could EVER  have given me.


Through the ups and downs, this business has changed us for the better.  We know that in 4 years we have not achieved anywhere close to what we can.  We still have a LONG road ahead of us before we can be among the elite that I like to call “Scentsy Celebrities”.  But what’s cool is that by finally being brave and reaching out to utilize these “celebrities” some are becoming friends and the greatest circle for me to surround myself with on this journey.

In 2 months I have been reborn.  On the verge of quitting in July, I have turned myself completely around and am finally implementing the ideas I have sat on for years.  I have finally opened myself up to WANT to learn more.  To want to try more.  And more importantly to want to share it all with our team.

Direct Sales, is usually deemed a joke, or “not a real job”.  I am forever defending my career choice to family and friends who simply don’t know enough about it to be able to do anything but doubt it.  women_in_direct_sales

Trust me.  What we do is REAL work.  It’s hard work.  And, yes, sometimes the rewards are minimal.  But one day the reward will be consistently abundant…so don’t worry too much about us 🙂

There are BIG things on the horizon for us and BIG things for our brand!  So get ready Smarter Scents fans!  We are un-stoppable.



Real Talk

I had very low expectations before leaving for Scentsy Family Reunion this year.

Having experienced some hard to accept business and personal lows, I was letting the negativity, gossip and self-doubt that I tell my team to stay away from, chip away at me so much that my Spirit- my beloved Scentsy Spirit– was gone.

I left for Reunion in Nashville with prayers that one of the full time jobs I applied for would hire me as soon as we got home.  That way I could get back to a “normal” life like “normal” people and forget about these lofty Scentsy dreams.  I was giving up.

I had doubted myself before but this time I had convinced myself that this new perspective and acceptance of my Scentsy fate was me finally being “real”.  So off I went to Nashville…being “real”.

This was our 5th Reunion and while being fun and inspiring, none of the 4 before this were able to shake the fears and self doubt out of me enough to come home a changed person.  How could I possibly expect this Reunion to be any different?img_5125

This Reunion WAS different…

Do you know what real is? Real actually IS Scentsy.   It hit me this year like never before.  I am not a part of a sales company that pays me to push their products.  I am a part of a community that has finally shown me how to like myself.  I know it sounds cliche and a little cheesy, but I have been given the chance to live a life doing something I genuinely LOVE and am good at.  How can I not share that? 

I didn’t just experience a convention this past week.  I experienced each and every Consultants SELF.  Their hesitations; their reservations; their fears AND their accomplishments.  I can’t tell you how many times I said to myself “I feel that way too!” when a presenter or Consultant would speak.  I felt each and every consultants’ vulnerability last week and through that I felt a connection to myself and a validation that I can barely explain…or contain!

I finally had my A-Ha moment – my greatest revelation to date (that I actually BELIEVE for longer than 5 minutes!).  My goals are WORTH a better try.  My marriage is WORTH a better try.  My team is WORTH a better try.  I am WORTH a better try.  (Thank you Mel Robbins! You have forever changed me!)13680985_10156972858780538_3344809519920463117_n

And Scentsy…How did you know I needed this? How could you possibly have known?

If you are already a Scentsy Consultant, I don’t have to reinforce how incredibly well lead we are by Orville and Heidi Thompson.  They are fantastic people.

img_5124If you aren’t a Consultant yet and you haven’t heard, the independence we have to run our businesses OUR way is supported and nurtured in a way that no other corporation or organization has ever tried – certainly never mastered.

This company is run by simple principles that shape each of us without even knowing it; pushing us to reach new heights, improve on our areas of opportunity and be better people one customer and one relationship at a time.I don’t get just paid.  I am gaining so much more!

I choose to finally embrace the relationships, the community and the family that has so perfectly aligned with my life and allowed me to see my worth.  I choose to put my talents out there and be scared almost every day in order to get to where we want to go!  I am finally learning what it takes to master a successful life – one good decision at a time.

I guess it’s safe to say my Scentsy Spirit is alive again.  As I reflect on how close I came to defeat, I know that 9 years sacrificing my self-worth working FOR a bank certainly didn’t teach me any of this.  Why would I ever go back to that?

So, I’ve officially re-hired myself.  After all, I’ve got some real potential and am forever grateful to Scentsy for finally getting me to believe that.


We’re INTERNATIONAL!   Have questions about becoming a Consultant in your area? Find us on Facebook under Smarter Scents and let’s have a Real Talk…


What I’ve learned 

I have let my faults and areas that need improvement overwhelm me. I have allowed them to define me as a person and have held back from taking chances because of that choice.  
Personal development takes time. Do one thing better today than you did yesterday and good will come. Don’t over think it. Pick one “project” and own it.  
Now, Begin. 

No one likes a Bully.

Some wisdom:
People who try to bring you down do so because they aren’t happy with themselves or their lack of success.  

Don’t LET them bring you down. Stay the course and celebrate your own success.

Let the energy of their hate catapult you to greatness instead.

The world is full of mean people who will one day rot alone. Let them. No one likes a bully.

The Scentsy Brick Craze! 

When Scentsy announced  at the start of this month that Holiday fragranced Bricks would be back, I was ecstatic!

I love Scentsy Bricks! I don’t know if it’s my love for all things “big and shiny” (and no, the bricks aren’t shiny) or the excitement for “limited edition” items, but I love adding Bricks to my collection.  

 When our customers heard they were back, the excitement was the same!
Still not sure what a brick is? Let me clear that up for you.  It’s just a bar of  Scensty wax…A bar that’s about 6 times the size that is!!  

 For $24 each, 6 limited edition holiday fragrances are here for you to grab!  I should note here that the most amazing new scent “Apple Butter Frosting” is new and exclusive during this Holiday Brick Jubilee only! 

So, whether it’s for you and your personal Scentsy Stash, or for that Scentsy lover on your shipping list, the Brick won’t dissapont.  

BUT…don’t delay!  These Scentsy Bricks are only here for 1 MORE WEEK and once they are gone, they’re gone!  

 Need one? Two?  Three? Contact us today and we’ll make it happen or order directly from our website:

Just vote. 

Monday, October 19th is the day that Canadians head to the polls to elect their next Prime Minister.  Have you made your decision on who you will support?

If you said “yes”, good for you!   I too am comfortably situated in my happy place on the Political Spectrum and voted in the advanced polls to make sure my voice was heard!

If you answered, “I’m undecided but will make my decision in time for Monday”, kudos to you 🙂 Taking your time to make a concise and informed decision is your right!

If, however, you answered “No, I have decided not to vote this election”, I just don’t understand you.  Too often people shrug off their electoral duties as citizens of this,  the BEST country in the world.  They fluff off elections with an attitude of, “what difference does it make”, or “I just don’t care” and leave me dumbfounded –  totally lost for words and, honestly, angry that you would give up a chance to choose the Canada we deserve.

Vote.  Just Vote.  Your vote matters. Your vote counts.  Your Canada is worth it!

Let’s make voter turnout it’s highest yet on Monday October 19th. 

Just VOTE!


Mon-DAY vs. Mon-NIGHT

I figured today, being Monday, was just as good as any to share this powerful daily reminder…

“Most of us have precious little time to spend each day with our loved ones.   If we have a difficult day, it does’t make any sense to re-create it in the evening.  The act of discussing the negative events of the day is tantamount to re-experiencing them.  This creates an enormous amount of stress and is emotionally draining.”

Taken from “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it is small stuff” by Richard Carlson Ph.D

Charlie Brown

A Be-Witching Deal!

Love Halloween?  So do we and so does Scentsy!  This month, due to popular demand, our original September 2015 Warmer of the Month “Lumina” is completely sold out!  Can Scentsy pick a hot item or what? Don’t be sad though.  To replace this popular warmer is another, that, in our opinion, is just a wonderful in it’s own festive way!

Bewitched is a must-have  addition to your Scentsy warmer collection.  At 10% off until September 30th, this enchanted jack o’ lantern is dressed in his Halloween best. Listen closely — you can almost hear a witch’s cackle!

Contact us or Shop Online and order your very own “BeWitched” warmer.  Pair it with this months’ Scent of the Month “Coconut Pumpkin Pie” (also at 10% off) and you have a perfect Autumn package!

The need for FREE SCENTSY is real… 

Have you seen the latest (and greatest) Fall/Winter Scentsy Catalogue?  If you answered no, you need to click here to experience the wonder.  If you answered yes, then you understand that this season’s collections are definite “must haves”.

IMG_2275Sadly, most people don’t have an endless budget where they can get every single thing they waIMG_2293nt in life.  Here’s where the benefit of reading this blog comes in.

Did you know that gathering a few of your favourite people for an evening of shopping and laughs can get you FREE SCENTSY?  And, I’m not talking 50 friends or even 20.  An average successful Scentsy party usually only has 8-10 attendees.

Let’s break down just how easy it really is.  If 10 friends came and purchased a new warmer and 6 bars of wax for themselves (an average purchase), you would receive approximately $100 in FREE SCENTSY just like that!  Still not convinced to throw a little get-together?

Did you know you can use 2 of those 3 1/2 price items to get one of our gorgeous brand new Diffusers?  These stunning pieces hit the market last month and sales have been incredible!  Now…just imagine one in your home.
Scentsy has become a household name, and the products just keep getting better and better.  Book your Home, Online or Basket Party with us today and reap the rewards!

Dates are available into October and November with 2 openings remaining for September 23rd and 27th.  

Tip: Use the Host Rewards from your awesome party to get Christmas Gifts for Family, Friends, Co-workers and even Teachers.  Everyone LOVES Scentsy!

Contact us today for a party and leave the work to me!    

Fuelled by Scentsy Spirit.

While drinking my coffee this morning, I was thinking about our monthly Scentsy Team Meeting (held last night). The new faces, the positive energy and the amount of idea sharing and support that took place was so motivating.  I affirmed for me that we are definitely doing something right!  Silly, I know, but I was choked up reflecting on how much more experience and confidence is being brought to the table now by our talented team of Consultants – some of which would never speak at meetings.

I also realized, in a moment of laughter and the chatter of 5 or 6 different conversations taking place at the end,  that I spend so much less time now trying to convince people that they can do this, and more and more of my time and energy genuinely,  authentically and simply,  enjoying myself.

I have to say, this is an incredibly satisfying accomplishment!  I truly do love my job.


If you are a driven and passionate person I invite you to experience this kind of fulfillment and success as well.  We can offer you an opportunity to wake in the morning more grateful and driven then you have ever been by showing you how to wake up every morning with Scentsy Spirit!